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Privacy Policy

First of all, let us take this opportunity to say thanks to the clients who have been working with us or are considering our company. In case you have any concern, question or comment regarding how to use your rights as a customer, you are requested to contact EssayWritingService at

We have been in the writing and editing field for years and have served customers belonging to all parts of the world. At, we guarantee that your personal details or private data will not be shared with anyone, at any cost. We also ensure that the data we hold on behalf of our customers is fair and legal; we take into consideration all privacy laws of the countries we provide our services in.

Customer data

Our company collects, processes, uses and transfers specific kind of data in order to ensure the provision of quality services. We provide fresh and improved content to our customers and do not copy anything from online and offline resources. As a customer, when you accept our Terms and Conditions, you also accept what is mentioned in the Privacy Policy section and the way we collect, use, transfer or store your data.

Our company collects specific information from the customers: their email IDs, their telephone numbers, their username, the Payer’s legal name, their billing address, their IP address, cookies, order details and content which is written and forward to the clients as a final product.

This document is written for those who want to have an idea of how we use, store, process or transfer user details or personal information. We only collect a specific kind of data from our users, such as how many times you visit our web pages in a day or week, how you are using the website and how you are communicating with us. These details and other basic details are collected when you sign up for a customer account or sign up for the Newsletter.

There are certain ways to collect personal details, such as site registration, subscription to services and goods, any type of search you make on the website, the time you report an issue or problem, and promotional activities you sign up for. We encourage our customers to report a problem as soon as possible. The user data we save in our database consists of the followings:

We also collect order information from our customers, their feedback, their messages, and their responses to online surveys. In addition, some technical information may also be collected, such as the IP address, the log-in details (username and password), the web pages customers have visited most recently, and their time zone.

Occasionally, we collect information about your web browser and the operating system you are using, any plug-ins and add-ons you are using, and the tech device you are using to access the website.

How the data is used

At, we try our level best to enhance user experience. We also try to make the web pages friendly and usable for the users. In the end, we’d like to say that the details (personal details and order details) you share with us are used by the staff and several third party websites that help us keep the website running smoothly.

We use your personal information in the following ways:

  1. We use it to determine how you are using the web pages
  2. The data about what tech gadget you use is also collected in order to ensure that the site’s bounce rate is within the set range.
  3. Your information is collected in the form of cookies, and we have implemented this technology to ensure that you have easy and quick access to the website. In addition, we use cookies to protect the website from possible hacking attacks. These cookies are seeded onto your computer systems or mobile devices the time when you visit the website and click on the Agree button, allowing us to save your personal details for the next visit.
  4. We often collect user information for marketing and promotional purposes. Marketing is something we need to remain in the business world for long and to target more and more customers across the world. Passing on user details to marketers becomes necessary in some situations, but we guarantee that there will not be any unethical or immoral use of your private details. You can unsubscribe our Newsletter if you do not want your personal details to be shared with marketers or can email us in this regard. Marketing and promotional emails are sent to all users on a daily or weekly basis, depending on the settings they have done.

Sharing user details

At, we strive to keep user data safe. Other than marketing purposes, we do not share your personal information with the third parties. You should bear in mind that the third party sites are part of our network and we share details only when they are to promote our services or particular products. The following information is shared with the third party sites:

  1. Your IP address
  2. Your account registration details

The kinds of services the third party sites provide to us are SMS messages, promotional emails, and others.

Protecting user data

We collect and store all kinds of information about our customers and visitors. However, you should bear in mind that the information is stored in our database for as long as we need to use it. When the final product has been delivered to you or the purpose is illegal, we may not save your personal details with us. We collect and save legal information in order to access which user accounts are into illegal practices and how to report them to the authorities. We dispose of the information safely and securely. It applies to the third party sites and services too, which we use for the distribution and promotion of our services. These may include, software solution providers, partners, suppliers, and backup system support managers. Before transferring any data to them, we ensure that it is properly structured and organized and that it is being shared and used for legal purposes only.

Please be informed that evaluating and storing user details is of great significance, as the team working on the site may not be able to process data without it. They make sure that the user details have not been misused by the third party sites and by the writers who write papers and deliver final products. The technical team spends hours in this regard, and they opt for the safest and most secure data storage and transfer methods. We also ensure that the data we store or transfer is legal and that no vulnerabilities are associated with the files we may hand over to the third party sites or writers. The user details are scrutinized to ensure that we have a solid reason to keep it for a short or long time.

Rights of individuals in the European Union

If you access our website from the European Union, create an account, surf different web pages or use our services, then we reserve the right to hold specific user data. However, you can access, restrict, change or delete the information we have held. If you have some concerns in this regard or want to use your rights as a user to delete or change certain details, then you are requested to contact us at

We allow our users to access their data anytime. For example, when you send a request to access the data we have stored or collected, our staff will respond as soon as possible. The information will be shared with you in writing form. Any request made in this regard is handled within the first 30 days.

You reserve the right to correct or alter the data we have held so far; if you think that the details are incorrect or something is missing, you can contact us to get it changed. The information shared with the third party sites can also be changed according to your requirements. For this purpose, you should specify the changes needed in the data.

You can also ask us to erase, remove or delete your details; if you think that the information is incorrect or you do not want to use our services, then you can contact the staff to get the data deleted permanently. We usually erase data when it is not in use, some you can get it deleted sooner.

Furthermore, you can restrict our use of your information. The circumstances are as follows:

We give you the right to withdraw your consent to us using your details anytime. In this situation, the third party sites and services that are using your details will be informed so that your data gets erased from all places.

The rights of individuals living outside the European Union

If you are living outside the European Union, you can contact us at at support@ to get particular details deleted, removed or altered. We give you the right to record how the data is being transferred. This record will consist of information about the third party sites that have access to your data. It will consist of the information of the previous twelve months, and if you are interested in knowing whom we have shared your details with, then you can make a request or contact the staff at your earliest. We will then follow up and will try to provide you as much information as is possible. For this purpose, we will first have to identify the different categories of personal details that we have collected by the California Business and Professions Code and the California Online Privacy Protection Act.

Where user data is stored and transferred

We store user data in the European Union, Canada, and the United States, and this information is transferred to people in the European Union and the United States of America. We share your information with the third party sites we have trust in, and the illegal transfer of data is considered immoral. These third party sites work with us to improve the quality of services we provide to our customers.

We always transfer your data to those countries which ensure its protection and safety. For this purpose, we use contracts which are signed by those who are going to use your personal details for marketing, promotion or other similar purposes.

Changes you may like to know about

When we decide to change the way we work or sell our assets, then your personal details or information may get impacted. In such a situation, we will surely get in touch with you and let you know the available options.

Contact Us

Please be informed that the Privacy Policy is subject to change. You can find changes made by us on the website anytime. If you have any concern or want to leave feedback, we encourage you to get in touch with us via email

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