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How many years has been in the essay writing business?

We have been in the business for ten years now and aim to serve all our customers as well as we can. We can state that most of our business is repeat business, with earlier clients coming back to give us more orders, or with their friends coming to us over a referral. We offer very secure online payment facilities, and are dedicated to making sure that everybody who uses our services is happy with the result.

Are your papers completely original?

We guarantee that every client gets a completely original paper, or their money back. Our writers work to your specifications to get a completely original paper that you will love. We are so focused on preventing plagiarism that we check all our written papers before they are sent on to our clients.

Are your papers plagiarism free?

We guarantee that our papers are one hundred free of plagiarism – we offer our clients a money-back guarantee if this isn’t the case. We submit our papers to rigorous checks before sending them to the client.

Is your service confidential? guarantees total privacy for our customers – confidentiality is paramount. We use a secure server to store all personal information, and at no point will we reveal it to anybody outside the site, or anybody who doesn’t need to know it. Personal details are used and kept for verification and financial reasons only, and only when that is necessary for the order.

What is the lowest price for a paper?

Our prices start at slightly over fourteen CAD for a high school student, and slightly under nineteen CAD for a university undergraduate student. The prices go up from there according to how many pages are needed, whether the work is single- or double-spaced, and a whole host of other factors. Our prices average out to forty percent cheaper than our closest Canadian competitors, without any loss in quality. To ensure that they get the cheapest price for your work, we advise that our clients order their work for ten days in advance.

How can I contact

There are a number of ways to contact us, live chat and email being the most popular. We can also be reached via telephone or various social media platforms. To get a full list of ways to contact us, please visit the ‘Contact Us’ section on our site.

Are you available 24/7?

Our support team at is available to be messaged and spoken to twenty four hours a day, seven days a week. Our clients can get in touch at any point, and be speaking to someone within minutes. Due to our support staff being available at any time of day or night, our clients can also place orders whenever they need to, in confidence that it will be taken care of.

If I am not a Canadian student, can I order a paper on your site?

Yes, you can! We provide essay services to people worldwide, and have a wide variety of clients from the US, the UK, and Australia. To make things easier for international visitors, we have created a drop down menu which allows them to choose their own currency.

Can you write my paper in a tight deadline?

We are perfectly able to work to such short turnaround times, although our clients should be aware that we will charge extra for work done this way. The higher price tag is due to the fact that we will need to allocate substantial resources to getting the work done. Our clients should always bear in mind that if the number of pages to be done is too high, we will be unable to undertake the work, as we write from scratch each time.

Who is going to write my paper?

All of our writers are professionals who have been working in academic writing for some time. We offer only native speakers, and can assure our clients that the writers themselves are, in most cases, capable of anything up to PhD-level writing.

Our company prides itself on only hiring and using the best writers available. For the entire time, our site has existed, we and our writers have been providing our clients with an endless series of research papers, essays, and dissertations (among other things). We work to make sure that only the best writers stay with us and get consistent work, although not everyone is at the same level. While all of our writers are experienced in academic writing, not everyone is capable of writing to the standard required for a PhD. We would never knowingly allow an undergraduate writer to work on a PhD-level paper. If our clients want to specifically choose our best writers for their work, they can choose the option for ‘top ten writers’ on their order page.

What payment methods does accept?

We accept all methods of payment through the site. Credit and debit cards are accepted, as well as using PayPal itself; the site processes all payments through its own PayPal account. None of our clients’ financial information is stored for any longer than it might need to be.

Do you offer discounts?

We offer up to a 15% percent discount to people who are using the site for the first time. Clients who have been with us and ordered at least ten papers through us are also eligible for a 15% percent lifetime discount. Discounts are made on the customer’s request, so clients should be sure to get in touch with our support staff through their preferred method of communication.

How can I get a discount?

Claiming discounts is easily done. Clients should talk to the support staff which are available around the clock. Getting in touch via live chat before placing your order is the best means to have your discount applied to the work we do.

Do you have an accumulative discount program?

Our discount services work on an accumulation program, with the discount getting higher as the number of papers does so. Clients who want to request a discount should make sure to contact our support staff before placing an order, to ensure that their discount is placed in the final total.

  • First time discount – fifteen percent.
  • Three completed orders – five percent discount on papers after that.
  • Seven completed orders – ten percent lifetime discount on papers after that.
  • Ten completed orders – fifteen percent lifetime discount on papers after that.

Why does offer lower prices?

While we advise people to avoid some sites which offer incredibly low prices, because they often use non-native English speakers, and therefore produce low-quality work, we can offer low prices ourselves. This is because we have automated a lot of our functions to keep our overheads lower.

Are there any extra fees or hidden costs? has no hidden fees – everything is upfront and easily seen. There is only one payment, outside of required chances such as added pages or a deadline upgrade.

Do you offer free unlimited revisions and rewrites?

So long as our clients ask for their revisions or rewrites within a set period of time, they are free (this is unless the client requests something like an addition in the number of pages). For normal essays and papers, the deadline for free revisions is thirty days past the original deadline. For dissertations and theses, this is extended to sixty days.

If our clients think that the writer who has been assigned to their work isn’t fulfilling it, then they can request a free rewrite and\or change of writers. This is assessed on a case by case basis, and is we find the justification given to be insufficient, we reserve the right to refuse such requests.

How will I receive my paper?

You will receive your paper via email, either before or by the deadline stated.

How can I attach additional files?

Yes, you can attach files to your order form in several stages. If you want to add a file to your order, you can do that in either the order preview, or after you have placed the order entirely. Files can be of any kind, although we do have an upper limit. You should log in to your account and go to the specific order number, and at the bottom of the page, you will find a place to add files. Please be aware that all the files you add will be accessible to the writers – personal information should be deleted before you attach anything to your order. The writer for your order will receive a notification whenever you attach files, so that they know they need to check the order information. If you are unsure of anything in this section, contact the support staff, and they will help you to attach the files.

What do I do if I have quality issues with my paper?

We define ourselves by the quality of our papers, so it is highly unlikely that any of our clients would have a bad-quality paper. To make absolutely sure that you receive the proper paper, we recommend that you make your instructions completely clear when first entering them.

If a situation occurs where our clients genuinely do need revisions and changes made, they can take advantage of them being free for thirty days past the original deadline. To submit your order for a revision, simply contact our support staff through any means, and we will arrange things for you.

What if I fail with a paper written by your writers?

We guarantee that all of our clients will have a passing grade (or better) when they make use of our services. Our business model is predicated on the existence of repeat business and referrals, so it is very important to us that all of our clients are happy with the work. If one of our papers does fail, then we guarantee money back.

Can I cancel my order?

Cancellation is perfectly possible at any time before the order deadline is reached. It is also possible if the site breaks one of the guarantees it makes.

Can I change my writer?

It is possible under certain circumstances to change your writer. If you feel the need to do so, please get in touch with our support staff, and make your case. We will assess the situation, and see if a change is necessary.

Can I communicate directly with my writer?

Direct communication with a writer is possible after a writer has been assigned to a specific paper. Each writer has a specific email thread assigned to it where clients can send messages to their writers, and vice versa.

Can I edit my paper once I receive it?

Edits are perfectly possible, and in fact we encourage it. Not only will our clients need to add their own personal information into the work after we have finished with it, they should also change the name of the file, to prevent suspicion.

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